Construction Tracking

Whether you are a developer with a large project or an individual building a new home, tracking the progress of your build is essential to timely completion and heading off delays or construction issues before they occur.
Being able to accomplish this remotely and in near real time is essential in this day and age, especially if you live or work at a distance from the project that makes personal visits prohibitive.
That’s where Columbus Drone Services comes in with our ability to visit the site on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, gather the data you need and get it to you via your preferred method within a day’s time.
Each project is unique and can be completely customized to each client. We offer job site still photography, videos, spherical 360 panoramas, 2D orthomosaic maps*  and 3D visualizations of your project. 
Our unique process allows us to complete the same photos, videos and maps from almost the exact same position each time we visit the property. 
Your data can be packaged up and sent to you in a variety of deliverables from simple data dumps into a shared cloud drive to custom web pages showcasing an overview of each visit to your site complete with options to download the raw data. 
Click the image below to see a sample of our custom deliverables page.